August 14, 2020

In the midst of the pandemic 12 Filipino biliary atresia children are going to India for liver transplant

August 14, 2020

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce Philippines Inc. thanks everyone who helped these 35 passengers reach India thru a special charter flight that our good friend Sonu Sood helped us arrange with Spice Jet Airlines.


These 12 kids along with their liver donors and attendants totalling 35 people flew free of charge to Delhi for their life saving liver transplant surgery. This was the only way they could get there given the absence of commercial flights.


We deeply thank President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and the entire team at the Office of the President , Senator Bong Go for their great support in making this happen and for continuously taking care of our Biliary Atresia children.


We are deeply grateful to H.E. Shambhu Kumaran, Ambassasor of India to the Philippines and his team at the Indian Embassy for their tireless work to save these lives by issuing the gratis medical visas and making all the arrangements with the Government of India in true partnership as real friends with the Philippines. They treated these kids as their own in every step they took.


Our deep gratitude to DOTR Sectetary Art Tugade , CAAP Director General Jim Sydiongco, and NAIA GM Ed Monreal and their respective teams whose combined efforts paved the way for this commercial charter flight to become a reality. The care taken of these most fragile passengers at NAIA truly makes us weep tears of joy in utmost gratefulness.


Thank you to the PCMC Executive Director Dr. Julius Lecciones and to his team of doctors who responded to our early morning call for an on-site check up at the airport to make sure these kids can fly to India.


To the men and women of the Bureau of Immigration at NAIA led by BI Comissioner Jaime Morente and Mr. Grifton Medina, Head of the Port Operations Division for ensuring a smooth departure clearance of these children and their families.


To all of those the doctors in Apollo and Max hospitals that will receive our children and their families in India, thank you in advance for taking care of them as your own. It is hard enough to go to another country for first timers, harder to go for a liver transplant and most difficult to do this both during a pandemic. We entrust these families in your living care knowing you will take great care of them.


To all the men and women who played even the smallest role in making this happen, please accept our most humble, deep and sincere gratitude. God is smiling over you and his grace is upon you for what you have helped achieve.


To all the members of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce Philippines Inc. , it is a real honor to serve such group of people committed to the service of all peoples regardless of nationality.


Mabuhay and Namaste!


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