September 19, 2020

4 more families are flying to India for their children’s life-saving liver transplant

September 19, 2020

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce Philippines Inc. wishes to sincerely thank the following who helped send 4 Pediatric Liver Transplant Children, their donors and attendants to India today September 19, 2020.


H.E Shambhu Kumaran, Ambassador of India to the Philippines and his team for facilitating the visas for these families and for his unending support to this program.


H.E Ramon Bagatsing Jr. Ambassador of the Philippines to India for constantly providing support for these families while in India.


The Filipino Indian Commerce and Welfare Society for agreeing to board them on their special charter flight to Delhi free of charge and to Shroff Travel for facilitating all the travel requirements.


To the men and women of the Philippine Children’s Medical Center led by Dr. Julius Lecsiones who conducted the pre departure check ups for these kids and for their never ending selfless service to the Filipino child and their families.


To all the men and women who silently work at the back and never stop helping these families our deepest gratitude. As we continue to face the pandemic, acts like this is what really continues to help us all face a new day knowing that our simple action has made a difference in saving the life of a child.


Thank you, Salamat, Mabuhay and Namaste.

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